Beginning with LCS_WS_API_V1.15 usage restriction will be added to LCSWS API.

There will be 2 groups of LCSWS API functions:

  • Standard API functions: restricted to 1000 HTTP Requests/hour
  • HigerLevel API functions restricted to 120 HTTP Requests/hour

If the usage limit is reached HTTP Requests will return HTTP RESPONSE 429 - TOO MANY REQUEST.

HTTP HeaderDescripion
X-RateLimit-Limit The maximum number of requests you are permitted to make per hour
X-RateLimit-RemainingThe number of requests remaining in the current rate limit window
X-RateLimit-ResetThe time at which the current rate limit window resets in UTC epoch seconds

The X-RateLimit-* HTTP headers are applied for all LCSWS API functions, but may not be included with in ALL HTTP responses, if an error occurs in an API request.
Rate limit resets at each new hour. For example if your first call is made at 11:15 X-RateLimit-Remaining would reset to X-RateLimit-Limit value at 12:00

List of Standard API functions

Get Request Status
Get Request Recipient Status
Get Request Recipients Status
Get Requests List
Get Request Details
Update Request
Update Request Document
Get Request Messages
Get Account Limits
Get Account Details
Get Recipient Actions

List of Higher Level API functions

Create Request
Get Request Documents
Abandon Request
Get Request URLs
Update Request Recipient
Update Account
Add Extra Time to Request