What is the LiveConsent API

The LiveConsent API gives developers access to the entire range of LiveConsent services and features via a standardized programmatic interface.

This document is the official reference for the LiveConsent API.

LiveConsent Web Service is a REST based web service which allows access to the LiveConsent platform through LiveConsent API.

What can you do with LiveConsent API?

Using the LiveConsent Web Service, a developer can:

  • create new LiveConsent requests
  • get the status for a LiveConsent request
  • get the status of the recipients involved in LiveConsent request
  • retrieve the documents for a LiveConsent request
  • get the details for a LiveConsent request
  • update the details for a LiveConsent request
  • get a list of LiveConsent requests Ids with a specified status

The callback method is used to get notifications about actions made by the LiveConsent platform.



All parameters are mandatory except the ones marked as “(optional)”.
LCS is abbreviation for LiveConsent name.