Values and Description for Errors Table:

0Success: function completed successfully
1Error: invalid input data format – invalid structure
2Error: insufficient credit
3Error: maximum Draft Requests limit exceeded
4Error: Create Request not allowed
5Error: Create Request draft required
6Error: Create Request Multiple-Documents not allowed
7Error: Too Many Requests
10Error: invalid request data
11Error: request_name not found
12Error: request_name not valid format
13Error: unique_submit_id not valid format
14Error: unique_submit_id already exists
15Error: access_code_requierd not valid format
16Error: request_notify_open not valid format
17Error: request_approvers_message not valid format
18Error: request_create_draft not valid format
19Error: request_id not found
20Error: request_id not valid format
21Error: request_id not exist
22Error: request_id_type not valid format
23Error: approver email not exist for request_id
24Error: request_callback_url not valid format
25Error: request_id is draft state
26Error: request object not found
27Error: request object not valid format
28Error: request order not valid format
29Error: request_custom not valid format
30Error: document_to_sign not found
31Error: invalid document_to_sign data
32Error: document_type not found
33Error: document_type not valid format
34Error: document_content not found
35Error: document_content not valid format
36Error: document_filename not found
37Error: document_filename not valid format
38Error: signatures_order not valid format
39Error: document_checksum not valid format
40Error: document_checksum_algorithm not valid format
41Error: document_checksum not found
42Error: document_checksum not valid value
43Error: document downloading
44Error: document processing
45Error: documents object not found
46Error: documents object not valid format
47Error: document object not found
48Error: document object not valid format
49Error: document object not valid format
50Error: approver_info not found
51Error: invalid approver_info data
52Error: firstname not found
53Error: firstname not valid format
54Error: lastname not found
55Error: lastname not valid format
56Error: code_delivery not found
57Error: code_delivery valid format
58Error: email not found
59Error: email not valid format
60Error: phone not found
61Error: phone not valid format
62Error: company not valid format
63Error: return_url not valid format
64Error: recipients object not found
65Error: recipients object not valid format
66Error: recipients signature_mode not valid format
67Error: recipients signature_visual not valid format
68Error: recipients order not valid format
69Error: validation_method not valid format
70Error: invalid signature_info not found
71Error: invalid signature_info data
72Error: signature_page_number not found
73Error: signature_page_number not valid format
74Error: coordinates_type not found
75Error: coordinates_type not valid format
76Error: signature_position not found
77Error: signature_position not valid format
78Error: page_number not valid format
79Error: signature_position not verified
80Error: signature_size not valid format
81Error: invalid signature_size value for document
82Error: signatures object not found
83Error: signatures object not valid format
84Error: signature_recipient not found
85Error: signature_recipient not valid format
86Error: signature_document not found
87Error: signature_document not valid format
88Error: signature_type not valid format
91Error: Internal error
92Error: Server execution
93Error: Internal execution error
94Error: Resource to update not found
95Error: Resource requested not found
100Error: PDF internal error
101Error: Copying of text from this document is not allowed
102Error: Changing document is not allowed
103Error: The file is encrypted
104Error: The file is level 1 certified; no changes are allowed
105Error: The file is password protected
106Error: File is invalid or cannot be opened (not a pdf file)
107Error: document_name not valid format
108Error: request_status not found
109Error: request_status not valid format
110Error: update_field_name not found
111Error: update_field_name not valid format
112Error: update_field_value not found
113Error: update_field_value not valid format
114Error: download_type not found
115Error: download_type not valid format
116Error: checksum_algorithm not valid format
117Error: request_metadata not valid format
118Error: document_metadata not valid format
119Error: signature_notification not valid format
120Error: document_filename not exist
121Error: Files of the multi-document request must have different filenames
122Error: Files of the multi-document request must have different names
123Error: Recipients of the multi-document request must have different emails
124Error: No results found
125Error: Recipients must have different valid consecutive order
126Error: Signature document must be a valid filename from documents
127Error: Signature recipient must be a valid email from recipients
128Error: send_notification not valid format
129Error: custom_message not valid format
130Error: request status not valid for operation
131Error: recipient_email not found
132Error: recipient_email not valid format
133Error: recipient object not found
134Error: recipient object not valid format
135Error: recipient status not valid for operation
136Error: recipient_email not exist in recipients list
137Error: email not exist in recipients list
138Error: message_id not exist in messages list
139Error: sms_request_delivery not valid format
140Error: sms_request_delivery not allowed for requester
141Error: sms_request_delivery not allowed - code_delivery sms required
148Error: Requester as observer not allowed
149Error: Request validity days number not valid
150Error: Request validity days number not allowed
151Error: initials object not valid format
152Error: initials_recipient not found
153Error: initials_recipient not valid format
154Error: initials_document not found
155Error: initials_document not valid format
156Error: initials_page_number not found
157Error: initials_page_number not valid format
158Error: initials_position not found
159Error: initials_position not valid format
160Error: initials_page_number not verified
161Error: initials_position not verified
162Error: initials_size not valid format
163Error: initials_size invalid dimension for document
164Error: Initials document must be a valid filename from documents
165Error: Initials recipient must be a valid email from recipients
166Error: Initials recipient must be a signer
167Error: fields object not valid format
168Error: field_type not found
169Error: field_type not valid format
170Error: field_unique_id not found
171Error: field_unique_id not valid format
172Error: field_recipient not found
173Error: field_recipient not valid format
174Error: field_document not found
175Error: field_document not valid format
176Error: field_page_number not found
177Error: field_page_number not valid format
178Error: field_position not found
179Error: field_position not valid format
180Error: field_page_number not verified
181Error: field_position not verified
182Error: field document must be a valid filename from documents
183Error: field recipient must be a valid email from recipients
184Error: field recipient must be a signer
185Error: fields entries must have different field_unique_id
186Error: field_options not valid format
187Error: field_options group_id not valid format
188Error: field_options group_min_required not valid format
189Error: field_options group_min_required not verified
190Error: field defined on signed document
191Error: field_options mandatory not valid format
192Error: field_options tooltip not valid format
193Error: field_options textfield_placeholder not valid format
194Error: field_options textfield_lines_number not valid format
195Error: field_options textfield_characters_per_line not valid format
196Error: field_options textfield_character_limit not valid format
197Error: initials defined on signed document
198Error: field_options textfield_prefilled_text not valid format
199Error: field_options textfield_prefilled_text_readonly not valid format
200Error: username header not found
201Error: username header data not valid
202Error: password header not found
203Error: password header data not valid
204Error: developer_key header not found
205Error: developer_key header data not valid
206Error: authorization_token header not found
207Error: authorization_token header data not valid
208Error: query_type header not found
209Error: query_type header data not valid
210Error: update_type header not found
211Error: update_type header data not valid
212Error: request_id header data not found
213Error: request_id header data not valid
214Error: request_id_type header data not valid
215Error: email header data not found
216Error: email header data not valid
217Error: download_type header data not found
218Error: download_type header data not valid
219Error: checksum_algorithm header data not valid
220Error: request_status header data not found
221Error: request_status header data not valid
222Error: request_custom header data not found
223Error: request_custom header data not valid
224Error: query_data header data not found
225Error: query_data header data not valid
226Error: query_value header data not found
227Error: query_value header data not valid
230Error: maximum Documents per Requests limit exceeded
231Error: maximum Signers per Request limit exceeded
232Error: maximum Signatures per Recipient limit exceeded
233Error: maximum Document bytes size limit exceeded
234Error: maximum Signatures per Request limit exceeded
235Error: maximum Request bytes size limit exceeded
236Error: maximum Pages per Document limit exceeded
237Error: maximum Pages per Request limit exceeded
238Error: maximum Recipient per Request limit exceeded
239Error: maximum WS Standard API calls limit exceeded
240Error: maximum WS Higher Tier API calls Request limit exceeded
241Error: document downloading URL
242Error: document downloading HTTP Response
243Error: document downloading HTTP URL not secure
244Error: document downloading HTTP Redirect Response
245Error: maximum Initials per Recipient limit exceeded
246Error: maximum Initials per Request limit exceeded
247Error: maximum Fields per Recipient limit exceeded
248Error: maximum Fields per Request limit exceeded
249Error: Request consent_bar_position not valid
250Error: Request notifications not valid
251Error: language header data not valid
252Error: field_options textfield_prefilled_text_readonly not verified for valid placeholder