This method updates the details for an LCS request
API function usage type: Standard

HTTP Request

Request Content-Type: application/json

JSON BODY PARAMS - name and value pairs description:

  • request_id: LCS request identifier to update; Value of "request_id" or "unique_submit_id". JSON Data Type: String
  • request_id_type (optional): Type of LCS identifier for "request_id" field; Values: "request_id" or "unique_submit_id"; Default value: "request_id"; JSON Data Type: String
  • update_field_name: update field name; Value: Sting
  • update_field_value: update field value; Value: value of updated field name of request

Valid update_field_name values for an LCS request are: request_custom, request_metadata, request_message, request_callback_url, request_notify_open, access_code_required, consent_bar_position, request_notifications.
For update_field_value parameter values see Create Request function - request JSON object.

Exemples of JSON for Update Request

Example of HTTP Request JSON Body data for update request_custom:

	"request_id": "02GB0G",
	"request_id_type": "request_id",
	"update_field_name": "request_custom",
	"update_field_value": "New request custom value"
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